The Best Infrared Sauna Heaters for Your Money

By now you have probably heard of the new line of saunas that utilize infrared technology. Both European and Japanese researchers have found that infrared saunas have rewarding health benefits  that lead to better circulation, quick recovery from muscle and joint injuries, and the power of stress relief - the source of many health quirks and illnesses. The power of heat can strengthen your immune system and help with the process of skin detoxification, giving you the ability to fight illness more effectively and have glowing, healthy skin.

QCA Spas, a North American company that has been in business for over 46 years, offers top of the line infrared saunas with the most efficient heating systems to meet your needs. There are many companies that will claim the size of your heater is the most important factor when shopping for an infrared sauna but the importance lies in the watt density. Here are some interesting facts about infrared heaters:

Aluminum heaters are by far the largest and give the illusion of being made wholly out of ceramic due to a thin coating placed over the aluminum. Aluminum heaters have a high watt density that results in an ineffective range of infrared. These heaters have a very high EMF (Electromagnetic Field)that produces an unsafe environment for sauna owners.

Carbon heaters feature a thin carbon screen squeezed between two fiberglass epoxy resin casings that operate at low surface temperatures - making them less efficient. Carbon heaters are known for absorbing odour and re-emitting it into your sauna - an unpleasant experience. Carbon heaters also feature a relatively unsafe EMF.

Tubular ceramic heaters are comprised of helical resistant wires and silica sand that are housed in a metal tube. They have a short life span due to the silica sand compacting onto the wires and causing a short out. They feature a high watt density that produces an ineffective range, not unlike the Aluminum heaters mentioned previously.

QCA Spas have produced their own line of heaters used in their Therasauna Infrared Sauna products that truly utilize ceramic. Their Concave Ceramic Theramitter heaters have the highest glass content allowing the undisturbed transmission and output of far infrared. The watt density is lower and more ideal, allowing the user the highest emissions at the most beneficial range for the human body. Due to the fact that the wiring in the ceramic is consistently moving, any fear of EMF is nonexistent.

When purchasing a new technology, such as an infrared spa, it is crucial to understand all of the factors that are incorporated in the system. Infrared saunas are safe and beneficial to your health but Therasaunas are proven to be much more efficient and secure for your entire sauna experience. Why take your chances on a cheap heater when you can buy one that lasts.

You can purchase QCA products online through at factory direct prices. They offer free shipping to your home and excellent customer service that is there to help you find the right product - not sell you the first thing you are interested in. Now that you know more about the heating systems used in saunas, you can make a more informed decision about what heater is the best for you.  Trust the sauna that many doctors recommend as the best health infrared sauna on the market.

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